Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017....here we come!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kalree's Birthday Party!

It's been a few years since i have done friend Birthday parties for my kids & Karlee was begging that I let her have one since she is turning TEN this year!!
Oh my really I have a kiddo that is that old!!
Wow!! How time has just flown by. It really feels like not that long ago was the day that she was born & now she's turning 10!!!!!!!!
Well anyway here are some fun pictures of her
this year. It really was alot of fun!:)
The girls all came in their favorite dresses.
It was so cute to see them all dressed up!
You look so beautiful GIRLS!
We had lots of YUMMY food!!!
Cookies, brownies,flower sandwiches, flower jello jigglers, fruit kabobs, cupcakes& pumpkin and banana bread!
And to drink we had pink lemonade & apple juice!!!
It was so yum!
Karlee & friend Jessica
McKenzie and Sara
Having lots of fun eating yummy food!
Karlee and Carley
I LOvE  this Tea Party!!

Mary and Lauren
What cute girls!
Everything was decorated so CUTE all GIRLY & pink & purple!
After the Tea Party we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY & ate cupcakes!!!
Then we made home made soaps!!
The girls had so much fun with it!!!
They got to pick colors & scents to make their soap!!
And i have no pics cuz i was busy trying to help them with it all!!!
I am soo sad!!:( but you can only do so much right?
All the girls with their homemade soap!
Thanks to my friend Lisa for helping with the soap it was a HUGE success!!!
McKenzie was so cute!
She loved being included with the Big Girls!!!
At the end she said can i have a party like this when it's my birthday???

Karlee had fun opening her gifts too!!!
Thank you to all who came & the fun presents that Karlee received!
Hope ya'll had as much fun as WE DID!!!
Happy Birthday Karlee
I LOVE U!!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween night was super fun this year even though it was RAINING all night long.
We had our Annual Halloween party it was a BLAST!
Thanks mom for hosting it at your house this year!

We had Yummy  SOUP & ROLLS & some fun Halloween treats!

 Even McKenzie was loving the SOUP & she is my picky kiddo!!!
My mom made these very CUTE spider web cupcakes!
Cayden thought they were the COOLEST things ever & yes they were TASTY!

She also made these jello WORMS!
I couldn't eat them at first cuz they look WICKED GROSS but they tasted good once you didn't think you were eating some NASTY BLOODY WORMS!!!
Thank you so much for the fun & YUMMY FOOD this year it was so much fun & we can't wait to see what's new for next year!!!!
I kept asking McKenzie what she wanted to be for Halloween & all she said was that she wanted to be a princess!!!
I told her that she is my little princess & of course she would laugh & say "NO MOM A REAL PRINCESS"
So here is my CUTE  SNOW WHITE!!!!
She was not liking the wig much but she did look ADORABLE!!!!

And then there is Cayden!
He didn't care what he was for Halloween as long as he could GROWL!!!
My little BUDDY was the CUTEST LION EVER!!!
Here he is practicing his GROWL!!!
Karlee was so cute she told me earlier in the month " MOM I DON"T  WANT TO DRESS UP IN SOMETHING EMBARRASSING!!!!"
So we tried to think of something that was not too much but she was still dressed up & this is what we came up with.
I think she looks like such a CUTE COWGIRL!!!
While we were TRICK OR TREATING everyone kept looking at her like "AREN'T YOU A LITTLE OLD TO BE TRICK OR TREATING?"
I felt like putting a sign on her or telling them all she is only 9!!!
Yes she does look much older & getting TALLER every day!
My brother didn't have any plans so the kids were so excited to have their TIO DAVE there to hang out with!
Thanks for being such a good uncle to my KIDDOS!!!
They sure love you!
PAPA & his little PRINCESS!!
After a long night of trick or treating!!!
You Cute kiddos!!
I hope you had fun tonight trick or treating!!
Can't wait till next year!
Oh and just wanted to send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BRO & my kiddos uncle ISSY
Hope you had a great BIRTHDAY in JAMAICA!
We love & missed you lots this Halloween!

Halloween SURPRISE

So we got a package on the porch from the FED EX guy. The kids were so excited to see what was inside!
Once we opened it this is what they found:
Grandma & Grandpa Hilton sent these cute Halloween bags for the kids
with all kids of fun Halloween treats inside.
The kids had so much fun pulling out all the fun things and playing with them.
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Hilton!!!
It was so fun to get a Halloween Surprise.
We love you!


We had not used our season passes to Lagoon since school has started so we decided to take a trip to the Lagoon FRIGHTMARES!!!!
It was alot of fun & all decorated for Halloween!
The kids were so excited to see everything Halloween looking at lagoon! 
Lagoon had a little corn maze you could walk threw and get little treats along the way.
And they had a cute little haunted house for the kids to go threw and collect some CANDY!!!
As if they are not going to get enough later tonight TRICK or TREATING!
I love these silly pictures of Jake & Karlee!
You both look way funny!!!
And yes we had to go on our family's favorite ride the MARRY GO ROUND!
I love those girls!
We had a BLAST this season See ya next year!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Spider cupcakes

The kids had today off of school today so we decided to do something fun with our time!
And all you who know me know that I LOVE to bake!!!!!!
So we made some way CUTE spider cupcakes!

He was doing such a good job all by himself.
He wouldn't let me help cuz he's 3! he says I'm big I'm 3 mom!
Good Job my Buddy!
I love this picture!
Look at her little tounge. So cute! She had so much fun adding sprinkles to the mound of frosting
on her cupcake.
Finished Spider!
Ready to eat it up!!!
What a HANDSOME boy!
Almost ready to eat!
Karlee was really concentrating to get her spider legs to stick!
Finished spiders.
REady to EAT them???
Our spiders are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting & chocolate sprinkles m&m's for the eyes &choclate twizzlers.
Talk about chocolate RUSH!
Want some????
Thanks for the fun afternoon making CUPCAKES!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Ok so yes TODAY was my birthday & yes I did turn 30!!!!!!
Wow! I can't belive I'm that old. REALLY????
It was a fun day I just did the normal for the day take kids to school, loads of laundry, dishes & all the other fun things us mom's get to do!!!:)
But then this evening I went to TEXAS ROAD HOUSE with Jake & one of my BEST friends & yes no worries they did make me sit on that DANG SADDLE!!!!!
Then after a way yummy dinner & way tooo much food we went to my parents for PIE and Presents!
The kids were all so excited to help me open my presents!
We are all holding up these way cute little puppets that McKenzie made for me all by herself. My Mom said that she thought of it all by herself!
She was so proud & told me that she worked so HARD on them!
Thank you Kenzie I LOVE THEM!
Then Karlee made me a very cute card and Fan!
She is so creative.
Thank you so much for making me feel like a #1 MOM!
I just have such good kids!
Then my girls wanted to do a little puppet show!
It was so cute they even sang some songs to go along with the acting!
My parents gave me some fun things that i was so excited to get as well!
Thank you MOM & DAD your the BEST!
And my sweet brother was there too!
Thank you for the beautiful necklace & bracelet I love them!
Thank you for making my 30th Birthday one I will never forget!
We had Pumpkin & Coconut pie for Birthday CAKE!
I love PIE!
Thanks for helping mommy blow out the candles!
Last but not least I got my CAMERA!!!
I did get to open it early to start using cuz I couldn't wait!
Thanks to my SWEET husband I got the CAMERA I have been wanting a while.
And thank you to all those who helped to make my 30th BIRTHDAY a special one. I am so BLESSED to have such wonderful FAMILY and FRIENDS!